Michael Crichton’s Micro

I mentioned in a review of Timeline that not many people know that Michael Crichton was actually a really good writer with literary successes other than Jurassic Park. In fact, I think Micro was actually the first book that I read from beginning to end by Crichton. I was in college taking a science-fiction course and one of the books on the syllabi was Micro. Honestly, the time frame to read this was only a few days since it was a summer course, but it’s such a good book that I got through it really fast.

“What is it about nature that is so terrifying to the modern mind? Why is it so intolerable? Because nature is so fundamentally indifferent. It’s unforgiving, uninterested.”

Michael Crichton writes for the science-fiction genre really well. I’m sure he’s influenced the actual doctors and techies of the present day that work in mico-engineering and mico-plastics and micro-anything. From robots to life changing machines, Crichton played with very real tech dreams and made them seem plausible in his novels. The plot of the book revolves around mico-robotics put into the wrong hands for the wrong reasons. And, to weave a small connection to his other works, it is interesting to point out that the setting for this book is also the Hawaiian Islands.

“Nature was not gentle or nice. There was no such thing as mercy in the natural world. You don’t get any points for trying. You either survive or you don’t.”

Crichton loved to weave some fear into the reader by toying with the notion that scientific advancement in the wrong hands, when scientists try to play God, often end up setting into motion events and monsters they cannot control. Humans, with these technology and science games that are left unchecked by the ego, are a danger to themselves. In other words, creation comes with great responsibility. Books like Michael Crichton’s Micro set the stage for modern day science-fiction and dystopian literature and, by extension, visual adaptations to grow in popularity.

Work Cited

Crichton, Michael. Micro. New York: Harper, 25 September 2012.


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10 thoughts on “Michael Crichton’s Micro

  1. i think the book sounds very interesting, especially because the author mentions the environment. it’s a very important topic at the time. it’s also cool to to read about how micro organisms work. i’m thinking about buying and reading the book.


  2. I’m not used to reading this kind of book.
    despite this I must admit that the book seems very interesting and I think it can be useful to expand scientific knowledge , beyond that learned at school or from personal information acquired over time.


  3. Micro is a book with a current plot because nowadays people are afraid of the evolution that scientific progress can make. We are in 2022 and we live in a world full of the latest technologies, always advanced and constantly evolving, so I think this book is really useful to keep up with society. technology is a fascinating but at the same time dangerous thing, scientific researches are the purpose of michael’s writing.I recommend reading this book because it starts with a truly original basic idea, it proves to be in step with our time


  4. “With great power comes great responsibility”… This is what both Winston Curchill and Ben Parker once said and I truly believe that It is exactly what Michael Crincton wanted to mean writing his book. Besides, the book offers a nice and interesting plot combined with a strong moral message. It’s definitely the kind of book I would like to read.


  5. I must say that I did not know Michael Crichton but this book seems very interesting and I would be very interested in seeing it because it reflects the typical science fiction film in which there is a mix of fear and amazement at the same time, moreover I found a similarity with the novel Frankenstein, also in fact science fiction genre. in fact, in both novels there is the author’s will to arouse fear in the reader.


  6. I think that this book is really interesting, the main theme is science combined to technology. We can say that it’s an actual book because we are in the middle time of the technology revolution. Technology for me is one of the best resources we have, but at the same time it can also be a really dangerous weapon if we put it in wrong hands. In conclusion, I recommend Michael Crichton’s novel as well as for its relevance, also to take the curiosity off about how these new technologies work.


  7. Dystopian fiction may help the audience to flee from the real world imagining that something worse does exist even though you ought to find it in a book. Nonetheless, I am strong-willed that this is not the case of crichton’s Micro. At first impact a world where people are threatened by robots that are not under human control anymore may result mind-boggling and far from present times. But, take a deep breath, clear your mind up and think: are you able to consider yourself not addicted to mobile phones as well as computers and other gadgets? How many times do we get crazy only because we don’t find some of the aforementioned objects? The answer would be pretty similar for everybody on Earth. All in all, not only will this book help you to distract yourself from the struggling and crestfallen routine, but it will be a chance of being aware of how dystopian stories enhance an aspect of our existence in order to enlighten it and open readers’ mindsets.


  8. From what I can read from this article, “Micro” seems to be a very current book with an intriguing plot. I really like the statement “nature was not gentle or nice” as I agree with what Crichton is trying to communicate. We also find an interesting interpretation of technology, which is something that can be dangerous if used inappropriately and I think this is one of the messages the author wants to transmit. I would like to read this book in the future.


  9. In my opinion this book gives a very important advice regarding this period because nowadays scientific progresses are developing in a very fast way and we can’t have total control on them. People all around the world don’t receive enough information about the danger of putting technologies in the wrong hand and this book could help a lot in order to be aware about this situation, prevent or fix it.


  10. Micro is an 80s science fiction book, a novel with a linear and well-formulated plot. Crichton made a world real that it really isn’t. Crichton perfectly manages to unleash fear in the reader by playing with the idea that scientific progress is in the wrong hands, keeping him on his toes and making him passionate about history.


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