Lil’ Libros’s Lotería

Oh my goodness, I love these books! They are the cutest little things on any store shelf. Lil’Libros is a Latin-founded book company. They publish multilingual children books on a lot of incredibly well-curated subjects including: lotería, famous people, and telenovelas. Please, please visit their website and check out their store to support their work through a purchase! You can also find them at select Target stores. It’s so worth the purchase.

My first Lil’Libros book: Lotería

I used my nephews as an excuse to buy my first Lil’Libros book: Lotería. It’s essentially a mini-guide to the beloved traditionally-Latin game. The cards are explained while readers get to enjoy the wonderful art that illustrate the book. All of Lil’Libros’ books have amazing artwork, mostly thanks to Citlali Reyes. This particular book was a collaboration with writers Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein. Of course, these ladies are not the only ones collaborating with Lil’Libros. I’m already eyeing a few other books from different writers and/or artists on their website; I’m sure my nephews will enjoy them too.


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Rodriguez, Patty and Ariana Stein. Lotería, Lil’Libros.

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One thought on “Lil’ Libros’s Lotería

  1. I think it’s a good shop/webside to buy books mostly for childrens because it have ilustrations but too I love the books that have ilustrations. Obviuosly they have too books for others ages, like telenovelas or something. In general it’s a great web to buy books for all the ages and for a nice price


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