Danielle Dobson’s Breaking The Gender Code

“This book puts the Gender Code under the microscope. It scrutinizes the equation of productivity + business = worthiness and dismantles outdated motherhood myths.”

Danielle Dobson presents a series of perspectives on gender in Breaking the Gender Code. The book promises to scrutinize the gender code. It really is nothing more than a brief review of early 2000’s to 2010’s information regarding gender disparities. A good companion book for Breaking the Gender Code would be Mikki Kendall’s Hood Feminism.

“What also kept coming up were observations and experiences around gender disparities, pay, inequality, discrimination and inappropriate treatment of women in the workplace.”


“It all starts early in life with childhood play behaviors and the strong influence around gender socialization, and continues to the workplace and beyond.”

I obviously did not find this book all that memorable, but I think it’s a good beginners book for students or citizens looking for a gentle introduction into the topic. Though Dobson does review the differences in gender treatment at work and socialization patterns, she focuses a lot on motherhood as a female role. Personally, that really annoys the shit out of me. In a postmodernist twist, I think that by focusing her book so much on motherhood she is inevitably reinforcing the same stereotypical socialization onto the reader that she attempts to critique.

Work Cited

Dobson, Danielle. Breaking the Gender Code, Code Conversations Pty. Ltd. Accessed on Hoopla, 2022.

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