09.09.2022 – Niagara Falls, Canada


I had spent the summer teaching in New York, and I was due to return back to teach after a brief trip to California. On the way back to New York from California, I stopped at Niagara Falls. A warning to travelers here: be careful which airport you choose to arrive to since there are two close to the border. One of them is slightly farther by about 50 miles. It requires an Uber or Taxi to get to the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls, which is the best way to actually experience the location. What else can I say? The little town is small and can be explored reasonably well in 2-3 days. For backpackers, it could definitely be a one-day adventure. And, the prices are reasonable except for the fact that the hostels in the area are limited.


While I still waiver between feeling like this trip was a bit of a mistake on my part, I have to say that the falls themselves are a wonder to marvel at. You can’t really see much from the American side; travelers need to cross into Canada for the full experience. There were some boats that take tourists right up to the falls from both sides, but they would miss the attractions on Clifton Hill. Make sure to take comfortable walking shoes. Walking is the only real way of getting around aside from the bus passes the hotels sometimes give guests for slightly longer trips up and down the river bank. So, what is Clifton Hill? It’s basically the main town with the fun social attractions. There are museums, arcades, mini-golf, a ferris wheel, and other fun things to do. It has a surprisingly jovial nightlight. If I didn’t have other trips that I’d prefer to check off my bucket list first, I would probably already be planning my return trip.


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