09.28.2021 – Paris, France (1)

After I dipped into some of the best that Madrid, Spain has to offer, I decided it was time for Paris. Beloved Paris. The last time I was there was during winter 2011. And, it was freezing. This time the weather was a lot more pleasant. I booked my bus ticked on Omio for a surprising but reasonable $65.34. The bus took off from Madrid, Estación Sur/Gare routière Méndez Alvaro at 2:00 pm. Alsa Internation was the bus company, and it would have been a decent bus ride if it weren’t for one woman that had the most horrid body odor. Like, rancid. I’m not even kidding. Thankfully, a few other customers made it obvious that I was not the only one with the complaint. Someone even tried to spray perfume to dilute the smell, but I think it made it worse. Anyway! I made alive to Paris if a little queezy.

On Sep 29, 2021 at 4:00 PM, I arrived at Hosho Paris Sud Porte D’Italie, Paris and checked in. Hostelworld was very helpful with the hostel search. I paid a total of $18.46 US. Aside from the Hi Hostel chain, this hostel is the second best hostel that I had the pleasure of staying. It was clean, accessible, modern. Most importantly, it had a really nice lounge area with clean washing machines. Once I was able to check in and unpack in the nice locker assigned to my bed, I took the time to tour Paris via bus. Since the last time I was in the city, I have thought about how I would explore it. Public transportation offered the best solution. It’s affordable, connected, and provides great views of the best tourist attractions. As a plus, I got to meet other visitors my age.


The last time that I was in Paris I did not enjoy myself nearly as much as I would have liked. So, my time in the city felt like a re-do for me. I wrote down the top three things that I wanted to do, aside from hitting all the super famous touristy spots, and Versailles was number one on my list. I looked on Group On and Viator to see if they offered single tickets, but I had better luck purchasing that directly through the Versailles website. I got the Versailles Palace Entry Tickets with Audioguide – All Access Passport ticket including Gardens Show for September 30, 2021 with an entry time of 11:30 AM. I made sure that my French subway ticket would be able to get me to that zone since it is about 40 minutes away from the city center. I gotta say: I am definitely returning some day. It’s enormous! The view and the gardens literally make you sigh, if not in envy in utter satisfaction. If you ever find yourself planning a trip, might I suggest taking extra money to rent a little golf cart. The place is too vast to get a full glimpse of all the different gardens in one day on foot.


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