10.10.2021 – Marseille, France

Marseilles, France at an unGodly hour.

I look dreadful in pictures of this day, and I felt terrible. After it was all said and done in Italy, I booked my flight out to London on easyJet. The trip would not have taken more than two and a half hours from Naples to London. But, I miscalculated how everything was going to turn out. Normally, boarding such a short flight would not be a huge issue. However, I arrived late to the airport due to rain and a late bus. I had to check-in for my flight immediately, but it was such a confusing process. Apparently easyJet does not have customer service agents to help with check-in at all at the airport in Naples. How they haven’t figured out that’s a huge problem is beyond me! Or, as usual, they know and ignore the issue. Suffice to say, I lost a $132.49 flight due to a combination of issues. The sad part was that I arrived with enough time to check-in and run through security since I only had one carry-on bag. So, I missed my 10:35 am plane. I ran out of battery immediately after, and I had to wait a while to book another flight out of that Hell. In preparation for my arrival in London, I had also booked my hostel from HostelWorld. The Phoenix Hostel is on 6 Daventry Street, London, England. I was supposed to check-in on Sunday 10th of October 2021 with a tentative check-out of Tuesday 12th October 2021, but I think I managed to change my reservation dates instead of cancel it outright.

Looking a bit rough and benched.

I booked a flight with Ryanair from Naples to London. The caveat was that it had the layover from Hell (of course) in Marseille. We arrived in Marseille at an unGodly hour. I mean it was like past 1:00 am. My flight from Marseille to London Stansted airport would not take off until 6:35 am with an arrival time of 7:35 am. Oh my God! To say that I had an uncomfortable five hours or so is an understatement. I already had to wait so long for the flight to Marseille at Naples after missing the first flight. Those airport customer service agents that don’t exist at Naples really saved themselves a heated encounter with me because I was not a happy camper. I was utterly miserable. Miserable. And, Marseille was really cold, at least it was cold inside the tiny little airport. Interestingly, I met a fellow teacher from Marseille on the flight. She chatted with me for a while and bought be a Coca Cola. She mentioned that the best time to visit Marseille is during the summer months. I should probably note that I had managed to changed the dates of my Phoenix Hostel reservation for a check-in on Tuesday 12th October 2021 to Saturday 16th October 2021. The final total for that hostel was £44.47. Anyway, this post was mostly a rant against easyJet at the Naples airport. For anyone buying last minute tickets, keep in mind that refunds are not possible less than 24 hours before the flight. Such a dumb idea, but we live and we learn. I should have just bought a bus or train ticket all the way to London, and I would have been better off.


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