Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age

I actually really enjoyed reading Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age. Basically, it involves a type of book / tablet that talks to you like a teacher and self-generates lessons for all learner levels. The setting is in the near future, a dystopian technique that grounds the plot in plausibility. So, how does this tablet work?Continue reading “Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age”

Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash

Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash arrived in my life around the same time that Michael Crichton’s Micro did as part of a science-fiction course curriculum. It’s one of the best science-fiction novels that I’ve read. While Michael Crichton’s Micro falls under the scientific realism genre, Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash falls more into the cyber-punk niche alongContinue reading “Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash”