Remembrance of a Lover Lost, 2018


Remembrance of a Lover Lost is a short collection of poems about the transcendence of love. Remembrance of past pain awakens the remembrance of past passions. Dark, antihero eyes materialize in visions. The cosmic depths of those eyes reveal the soul of a lover long lost. The reader of Remembrance of a Lover Lost joins a soul navigating through the haunting loss in dreams and the hope found in waking life. 

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Enjambed Magazine, 2018


Life’s a parody; I’m a paradox. Art is not limited to the original; the best art is a parody of something else. By extension, parody and paradox often exists symbiotically in art. Seemingly absurd or contradictory elements in art expose social and individual truth.

- Danely Segoviano, President of The English Graduate Association

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Enjambed Magazine, 2017


Expert from the Enjambed Magazine Website:

Enjambed is a Multi-Literacy Magazine composed of creative works including, but not limited to poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art. Enjambed is a collaborative effort among different departments on campus. Members from the English Graduate Association work together with the support of the English Department to select individual works for publication.

Available through the Enjambed Magazine website: click here.